Word for Word

In Russian it’s Slova. In Spanish it’s Palabra. In German it’s Wort.

Words are magical, mysterious,  and memorable. They can transport us to another dimension, another time. We laugh when we hear them and cry when we read them.  A song is merely a tune without words.

Mothers tell us to choose them wisely. Fathers tell us our words are as good as a promise. Siblings use words to build us up, to tear us down, to keep us in our place. Friends give us their solemn word, knowing there is nothing more sacred. As Christians we are taught Jesus is the Word of God.

We write letters to stay in touch with loved ones. Sometimes we even mail them.  Journals hold our secret desires, our wildest dreams, our quiet frustrations. We don’t keep journals unless we put our words in them.

Essays are written to present our point of view, either to convince another person we are right or to encourage those who agree with us. Reports are given to our constituents to convey what happened or to prove to our teacher we actually read the book.

The blind see words by feeling shapes, the deaf hear words by sign language or reading lips. Babies instinctively know they must learn the words of their culture in order to communicate their wants and needs. They know, somehow, love is a very important word in every language.

As writers, we understand the power in the words we use and how we use them. When written on a piece of paper or on a computer screen or on a subway wall, our words can take on a whole new meaning, create a movement, change governments.

Like Mother said, choose your words wisely. Someone is reading… Someone is watching… Someone is listening…


7 thoughts on “Word for Word

    • From one logophile to another, Danke Schoen. My mother tried to instill in all of her children the understanding of the power of words. We still joke about how she read our letters with a red pencil ready to circle the mistakes of grammar or misused words…We probably should have enclosed a self addressed stamped envelope for the letters she’d return. Another reason for my weirdness… 😉

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    • I have taken a long break from blogging and being on the computer altogether. I guess I’ll come back. Besides, I miss my “buddy bloggers” like you. Thanks for your encouragement.


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