Brothers and Sisters

 Brothers and sisters  
(at least in our crowd)
You tell them you love them
You tell them you're proud

Of what they've accomplished
Of what they've achieved
Of all their successes
And how you believed

They had it within them
Each task that they tried
Would turn out stupendous
Would bring family pride
Before we were grown up
That's not how it went
Even Mother would say
We weren't heaven sent

When young we would argue
All things come what may
Whose turn to ride shotgun
What game should we play

We'd fight over candy
Who Grandma loved most
Was Santa a real man
And who burned the toast

Whose turn to wash dishes
Who should put away
Its who set the table
Who chooses today

Name calling was frowned on
We couldn't do that
We'd go to our bedrooms
To settle a spat

Our mouths would get washed out
For saying that word
Unspeakable happened
For flipping the bird

The weekends were for fun
But on Saturday
Our chores had to be done
Before we could play

The families on our block
Seemed much more subdued
But when they spread gossip
A battle ensued

Don't pick on our brothers
Or say things unkind
Our sisters will give you
A piece of their mind

And don't tell our sisters
They're not very smart
Our brothers will fight you
So don't break their heart

{That's the revised, more refined version. Feel free to write your own ending]


8 thoughts on “Brothers and Sisters

  1. Nope, I prefer the original. A person should stay true to their feelings or expression no matter good or bad. I felt like that a few times myself.
    No good buttering up stuff. I hated my growing up too. If this is purely creative writing… It is yours to do with what you will.
    My reaction express your success expressing emosion with words.
    Now you can take out those chocolates

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  2. Now in our 80’s, my sister and I are struggling to normalize what was never a normal sibling-hood. One big lesson we both have to learn is that blurting out unkind truths need not destroy the relationship, a point your story makes so well! If we had fought as children, we would have learned it by now, hopefully. As it is, it’s terribly hard to learn this late in the game … habits are entrenched and we are both tempted to cut and run, but so far haven’t done so.

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