Sunny Side Up

Whirlwind of tail and paws
Golden eyes camouflage hidden treasures of
Seasons past
Days of brilliant sun and silver snow

Life was free to roam
You pleased

Hollowed trees and broken porch steps
Were your umbrella from hailstorms of humanity

Creeks and abandoned birdbaths quenched your thirst
for the good life
of open fields and quail
and blue tailed skinks
While running from loose dogs
and eagle eyed predators

Some people have said your hunger for something wild
Will never be satisfied now
Because someone thought it was more humane to
Rescue you from the unknown dangers
that lurked behind, under, and above
the natural elements

One day you appeared at dusk and again at dawn
on the doorstep of
One who needed to be needed
One who was eager to give you scraps and a
Warm blanket for the winter nights
One who made you feel comfortable
and secure

Christened with a name that echos your
Sunny persona
You spend your weighty days
Slightly rotund
Happy to eat prepackaged meals
Reconciled to the fact you are safe

Watching your other life pass by
from your windowed perch
You are content
Knowing on the inside
You are free
Because long ago
Your spirit captured the sun