Four Seasons of Man


Novena of Life

Wonder revealed with each breath

Gestation complete


Pink and white warriors

Cherry blossoms poke the sun

Battles won and lost

  • FALL

Confused at day’s end

Greek Siren’s song in distance

Silent Silhouette


Evening eulogy

Shrouded moonlight chants goodbye

Sky welcomes Spirit


15 thoughts on “Four Seasons of Man

  1. Hi,
    Sorry I don’t know your name lovely post and relevant to my life’s journey when I am getting in touch with the seasons. I will write this poem in my journal.
    Thank you for your likes on my recent posts & your follow.
    The water melon & seaside pic on your blog particularly appealed to me as I thoughtvof Gambia, a country I visit regularly.

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    • Hi, Margaret. Thank you for your fine compliment. I look forward to following your artistic adventures and learning more about this wide and wonderful world through you. I haven’t had the pleasure of going to the Gambia, but from what I have read, it looks lovely! (My name is Carol, by the way. It’s nice meeting you)

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  2. Good haiku never hits one on the head with the 5-7-5 form, includes the seasons, and each line is a complete thought. How nice to read a poem that respects the form and expresses lovely, original thoughts at the same time.

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    • Thank you. Quite a compliment. I’m still learning the nuances and rules regarding different forms of haiku. It’s fun following the talented poets on Word Press who know so much more about the art form.


    • I enjoy your blog. December babies have a natural bond. Somewhere there should be a button that says “follow” that you can click. Not sure why it isn’t showing.


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